Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hands Across The Sand

Hey BP, we don't want your stinking oil, except for our cars, trains, boats and planes, our lawn mowers, tractors, generators and furnaces, motorcycles, snow-blowers, and those noisy weed-eaters. So, all you greedy petrol pushers take your fancy oil rigs and go away, but don't go too far. We may need to gas up the SUV for a trip to the mountains over the Fourth of July.


JahDaHar i.e. said...

Time to press Obama to more greatly fund the microscopic star being created at lawrence livermore labs - fusion energy . first test successful june 2010. projected twenty years away. It would get him to mars if they can develop it in twenty years - if he gave it funding instead of the current mars project would it be achieved faster. He could also get to mars on that energy. and we would have nuf energy for everyone and no pollution.

Denis Gaston said...

Thanks for your comment. Sadly,in this political climate, fusion energy, solar, thermal, and wind energy are not a priority. They are not listening to us.