Saturday, April 24, 2010

Elephant Humor

Years ago, when younger and more irreverent, I penned a small picture book of our friends the elephants. Not quite viewing material for children and perhaps too cartoonish for grown-ups, I could see no market for the collection of pachyderm puns. For years it remained lost at the bottom of my bookcase.

Spring cleaning recently brought the book out of hiding and onto my desk. Now, with a bit more maturity, or perhaps desperation, I'm beginning to see possibilities for this collection. All that remain are a dozen more drawings, photographing, scanning, editing, printing, binding, marketing, and then the hard work begins - more marketing.


Alison Burnett said...

That's funny. Recently I've been a bit obsessed with inventing animal jokes. One is 'What do you call a baby owl in a birdbath?' Answer: A moist owlette. hahahahaha!!

Also the buffalo/bison jokes:What does a buffalo say as he sends his boy off to school? Answer: 'Bison'
How can a buffalo tell she's pregnant?
She has a bisonogram. What do you call a wealthy bison? Buffaloaded What do you call a crazy bison? A buffalunatic....... I think we made up about two hundred & now I can't think of what they are........!

Denis Gaston said...

Hi Alison,
Sounds like you've been having fun with words. Are you going to create some visual images too?
I'm doing a book creating drawings of weird critters from ideomatic expressions - "Dropping a Hint"
"Running the Gamut" "Feeding an Urge" "Grabbing Forty Winks"
Don't know what I'll do with it, but it's fun.